About Annual Giving Campaign for Loveland Businesses

Loveland Business Sponsorship Program for Loveland Legacy Foundation


Loveland Legacy Foundation (LLF) is a grass roots, non-profit organization committed to our community and providing relief to those in need. We intend to bridge the gap through:

• being in touch with our community and the surrounding areas we serve.

• providing relief during times of crisis including (but not limited to) fire, flood, tornado, or other acts of nature.

• improving the lives of others through services, donations, or sponsorship of events.

• coming along side other complementary organizations that have a common vision to provide similar or specific services.

We have become the “eyes and ears” in our community and the “hands and feet” of the foundation.


The LLF wants to fulfill its vision and mission through the support for members to the Loveland community. Many of the fundraising efforts to date have been targeted to civic events that attract the residents of our community. We generate our funds through proceeds from the events and individual donations. This has proved to be successful and promotes the desired reputation that the Board has for the non-profit foundation. Each year the Board collects and evaluates various organizations that can benefit from our funding. These funds are presented to the deserving organizations and establishes a network of valued services that may be integrated into any projects or solutions that the foundation endorses.

The Board has entertained the need to reach beyond the residents and individual donations from our events to approach the local businesses within the community. These businesses represent the local employers of many Loveland residents and benefit from the care and mission of the LLF. We believe that local business owners will see that supporting the LLF is in their best interest. We are hopeful that the business executives will come alongside the foundation to make our impact greater for Loveland.