About Loveland Legacy Foundation Charitable Donation

Throughout the year, the Loveland Legacy Foundation Board members act as the 'eyes and ears' of the foundation, seeking ways to support those in need, as well as ways to improve the community and surrounding area for all.  Our mission is to Connect Resources to Needs.  There are times, like when a fire, pandemic or tornado causes a significant, short-term financial need, that the foundation steps up to help in a time of crisis.  Often, this act is in concert with local businesses, churches and/or the Township Leaders, Emergency Personnel, School Districts, etc. 

The LLF Board members are all volunteers, and except for some minor administrative fees (typically 'sponsored' by a local business or board member), the money donated to the foundation is amplified and put to work, locally, to benefit others and help KEEP OUR COMMUNITIES STRONG.  Donations from individuals make up the majority of our 'Emergency Fund' and we want to THANK YOU for your trust and confidence in our work.